Restoration Appeal

Over the next two years, we need to spend around £170,000 on repairs to the stone work on the exterior of the church and repair work to the churchyard wall.

The work to the wall is particularly urgent, as a section of it is in danger of collapse, and we are planning to begin this as soon as we have all of the required permissions, likely to be in early spring 2021.

The Church of the Ascension has been a source of blessing for 316 years and it is our duty to leave it in good shape for future generations. To this end we will shortly launching a fundraising appeal seeking grants and community funding where possible.

Many of you will be familiar with the concept of ‘My Christmas Present to the Church’. This has provided funding most recently for the new Church Boiler and prior to that replacement Chairs in the two Halls. This year it has been decided that any funds given in this way will go towards the Restoration works.

So, how can you help? Please consider giving a gift to the church this Christmas, according to your means. This can be done by enclosing any donation in one of the special envelopes available at the back of church. You can also donate online via the Church’s website –

All donations received will allow us to seek matching donations, pound for pound, with grants from external funders.

2020 has been a difficult year and we totally understand that some members of our church family will not be in a position to make a donation at this point. If you have some good fundraising ideas or think that you could help in another way, then please speak to Nejib

Quinquennial Report